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Birthing the heart of a new humanity

Diving into the unknown - together.
Towards a thriving planet, full of life.

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Living from the heart

Are you inspired to lead with the heart, in service of life and a bigger purpose?

Journey with me as your companion. Find my offerings below.

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Are you on a mission to create paradise on earth?

You hit the jackpot.


Let's make paradise a reality - together.

Become closely involved in my life's work, team-up in the mission
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Product offerings


Hello, I'm Bart

Here to ignite a world of wonderful possibilities.


Thank you for being here and showing your interest in me, my story and what I have to offer.

My life has taken many different turns. The golden thread has always been a curiosity to explore what is possible in life. My curiosity has led me to dive deep into my inner world, to expand my consciousness and to understand how the world works. For a long time I have walked the 'normal' path, exploring what our current society has to offer.


Even though I am impressed with our progress as a species I feel there is a lot more potential in all of us than is currently being enabled in our society. 


Currently I dedicate my life to bringing together the people who feel a different reality is possible - I like to aim for paradise on earth - and who are committed to contribute their gifts to make it happen. I love bringing visions to life!

My own path started in 2018, when I decided to quit my regular office job as a robotics engineer.


Read my Substack - The Paradise Times

To receive content about my life and how paradise on earth is taking shape.

Gaianet Gathering #1 - 88 - 9-10-2021 - photos by www.mooimens_edited.jpg

Projects I am involved in

I love to work on the verge of the social and technological domain. 

Reach out to me if you feel inspired to collaborate with me on one of the projects above. 

I always love hearing new ideas and visions that contribute to a more beautiful world, especially when that vision is lived in an embodied way. 



Nowlicious is a platform for learning, support, connection and co-creation for personal and planetary transformation – for becoming fully alive with what we have in our hearts.

The Dream of Life - Alan Watts

One of my biggest inspirations.

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