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Every Card Wizard (you!) is unique and so is their deck.

The adventure begins with a 1:1 Wild Wizard Training Session (online, or better - in person 🤍) where we'll tweak your deck for your needs and unique facilitation style.

The Source Edition contains 44 cards, including one unique card made personally for you. You'll also find invitation cards, pattern breakers, and precious blanks - to bring your own magic into your deck.

Wild Cards are 100% ecologically produced in Europe and ship in biodegradable packaging.Every deck comes with a hand-made pouch using recycled material.🌳🌳🌳

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"I love this guy and his gifts. Michal is a true wizard, trailblazing through life while playing games. Highly recommended to step into his world!"


About the provider

Michal Korzonek

Michal Korzonek

Michal is a wizard.

Read more about Michal on my website:

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