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Liminal Village


Liminal Village is a co-living and co-creation eco-tech hub in the center of Italy.


We have been experimenting with forming and weaving temporary communities aimed at creating value for the world, heal themselves and heal the collective, by emphasising the balance of personal, local and global needs. Inspired by the concept of a Resource-Based Economy, Liminal, meaning “a place of transition” or “a place that occupies both sides”, is an embodied experimental ground where value-aligned people come together to co-create and experience the future they would like to see (eg: Game B).

Using natural cycles to guide progress, we focus on reinventing how we can live in harmony with each other and the planet, by “upgrading the operating system of society” and transitioning from scarcity based market economies to "access abundance". Together with other eco initiatives around the village and around the globe, we are kickstarting a regenerative network of interdependent communities.


Liminal Village is home to Hackalongs. A Hackalong is best described as a holistic continuous co-creation process where a group of people comes together to share knowledge and passions by giving talks, workshops or by brainstorming on specific subjects. The entirety of our perspectives are valued and expression is encouraged. We enter a process that synchronizes our activity and provides the infrastructure for us to signal, branch, merge and coordinate together to co-create something that resonates with us as a collective without any need for coercion, reward, punishment or manipulation.


Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Opportunities to engage

  • Participate in a Lunation (short stays)


Where to find this place

Project Gallery

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