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Stephanie Claus

Purpose Activator & Writer

Stephanie is a rare individual who can sense people's purpose and is able to help others to see it in themselves.

She is deeply in touch with the deeper realms of our living reality. Her work is to be a bridge from the sensed future to our lived experience in the now. She provides the tools, stories and blueprints for us to tap into a more abundant and aligned future.

Her favourite question to ask is: "why did you chose to come to Earth at this time?" She intends to inspire people to follow their soul's calling, remember who they are and why they are here.

The future she envisions is based in a more collective paradigm, where we "Move as One", and life is based in unity, harmony and love. The Heaven on Earth we know in our hearts wants to be lived.

  • Seeing infinite possiblity 

  • Tapping into crystal clarity 

  • Unlocking untapped potential 

  • Helping others Remember their soul's purpose

Opportunities to play
  • Join Stephanie's book launch team

  • Become a Book Ambassador for her first multidimensional novel 

  • Become a member of StarTribe - an online community for starseeds, lightworkers & multidimensional beings to come to-gather and exchange their wisdom & gifts.

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