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Simone Alyssa

Artist & Shaman

Simone is a happy bliss ball, who loves life and people. She is a Visionair, Explorer, Musician, Artist, Reiki Master, former PE Teacher & Dive Master. She's here to serve human consciousness to evolve and inspire how to dance with life.

She loves people and enjoys people even more when they see their own potential and step into their light. That’s where she loves to hop in. To help you stay focused and still in the eye of the storm. Because when you decide to follow the calling of your soul, things will get windy for sure.

Her mission is to guide brave souls how to ride the waves of the unknown. She believes it is totally possible to make fun while doing deep inner shadow work which will set you free from illusions.

  • Motivate & Inspire

  • Performing

  • Shamanic Teaching

  • Dancing with Life

  • Voice Liberation

Opportunities to play
  • Participate in a Lighthouse Intensive/Co-living

  • Shamanic work

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Invite as artist

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