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Catalyse your project and become part of a compelling vision for the future

Let me be a companion and ambassador for your project.

Receive the support you need to catalyse your vision. Find your place in the New Earth Ecosystem. Receive extra brainpower and a big heart to bring the potential of your project to life!

Weave your project with the New Earth Ecosystem

Connect and collaborate with aligned team mates, partners and more

Receive creative and strategic input

Companionship to evolve your project to its unique purpose

Let me be a close companion and ambassador in the field. My goal is to build a meaningful relationship with you and your project, I connect to the heart of what wants to be created. From a trusted place I will be advocating your project in the field and bring back valuable input and connections.

Receive personalized support in a monthly call

Have an external set of eyes and ears that can listen without judgement, provide valuable input based on experiences from the New Earth field and be sensitive to - and able to distribute - the needs of your project

Connect with relevant people to grow your project

  • I introduce you to relevant connections in my network, based on your needs and my intuition.

  • I do active outreach to expand my network in service of your project

Get access to my specialized services

Do you want more than connections and strategic input? I offer in depth support to help catalyse your vision. Details to be discussed.

Three simple steps to get started

Book an exploration call

Define your companionship journey with me

Ignite the purpose of your project

Gaianet Gathering #1 - 4 - 9-10-2021 - photos by www.mooimens_edited.jpg

Energy Exchange

I'm excited to work with you and look forward to catalyse the purpose and essence of your project.

A companionship journey starts at 555 euro per month.

(prices are excluding VAT)

We intend to work for at least 6 months. So we can build a meaningful relationship.

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman


I know, holding a big vision and finding the right people to manifest it with can be a challenge.

I've been walking around for a long time with a big vision to build a global collaboration platform. It took me more than 7 years to find the right people who were aligned with a similar vision and were capable enough to actually manifest something. 

Being part of many pioneering roles, I know what it takes to let a vision grow. 

Developed a network of 400+ professional New Earth builders and projects through Gaianet.


For who is this?

For anyone who hears the calling of their heart. 

The persona profile I like to work with, is someone who:

  • has outgrown their environment.

  • is succesful in their field.

  • wants to upgrade the life they created so far.

  • is aware of the state of the world.

  • is ready to transition and make the leap to a more beautiful world.

  • is spiritually open.

  • has a bright mind.

  • has an open heart.

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