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Alma do Solo


Alma do Solo - Portuguese for "The Soul of the Soil" - is a vision for a Regenerative Village - Honoring the Full cycle of life and creating a sanctuary for all cycles of life on the Azores Island of São Miguel.

We want to create a sanctuary where women give birth on the soil, held by earth.

A place where people are nourished by the foods received from a syntropic relationship with the soils and the waters they are living on and around.

A place where tending to the needs of this life-giving soil is a lived practice that unites us.

A place where we gather to accompany our loved ones into the most profound expansion of consciousness at the end of their lives, with reverence, presence, compassion, love, celebration, connection, and the time and space to listen to their wisdom.

Where their ashes fall onto the fields that nurture our children. Where our children grow up knowing that food and life are given by the soils, the soils that are the living gift of death.

A place where we heal our collective trauma, dive deep into our shadows, and heal our relationships to ourselves, each other, and the land. A place where we can share knowledge and invite other humans to have a lived experience of a regenerative culture, so that they can bring it back into their communities.

We want to reimagine the archetypal structure of human tribes for metamodern times. We are weaving a tapestry of souls coming from a wide range of ancestral lineages and cultural histories, learning together to root ourselves in the fertile soil of soul, while digesting and integrating the wisdom of our personal, ancestral, and collective histories.


Sao Miguel, Azores

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